Mini Sumo Citrus™ Cream Cones

Serves 15 people



2 Sumo citrus mandarins
1/4 tsp gelatine powder
1 Tbs cold water
150ml Double cream
1 Tbs confectioners sugar
1 Cup cooking milk chocolate buttons
1 Tbs vegetable oil
15 mini wafer cones



1. Peel one of the mandarins, the outer skin and with a serrated knife take off the individual skins so you are left with just the flesh. Transfer flesh to a strainer and strain juice into a bowl. Set aside.

2. Peel the the other mandarin, the other skin and with a serrated knife take of the individual skins so you are left with just the flesh. Cut these pieces into small little cubes and set aside.

3. Place cold water into a small bowl and sprinkle gelatine over. Leave to dissolve.

4. Place 1 Tbs of the double cream into a small saucepan on low heat until it comes to a small simmer. Take off heat and whisk in gelatine. Place in fridge to cool for 10-15 minutes.

5. While gelatine is cooling, place your chocolate and vegetable oil in a microwave safe bowl and stir until all chocolate buttons are coated. Place in microwave and cook in 30 second intervals until melted. Make sure you take out and stir in between.

6. With a teaspoon, pour in one teaspoon of chocolate into the mini wafer cones and cover the inside of the cone with all the chocolate. Set aside and repeat. With the remainder chocolate from the bowl, dip the top of your cone, shake of any excess and set aside to set. Repeat.

7. Once the cones are finished, place your remainder double cream into a bowl along with the confectioners sugar and 1tbs of the mandarin juice and whisk until soft peaks form.

8. Add your gelatine mix into the whipped cream and continue to whisk until combined well. Place in a piping bag with any preferred tip and keep in the fridge until ready to use.

9. Put 1-2 cut pieces of mandarin into each cone.

10. Get your citrus cream from the fridge and fill in each of the cream cones.

11. Top off with another piece of chopped mandarin.

12. Eat! Enjoy your Sumo Citrus Cream Cones!!!


CREDITS: Miranda Piotrovska –