Sumo Citrus™ Competitions – 2015


This year we had a number of competitions planned for the Sumo Citrus Season. These have now all closed for entries and voting. The shortlists are below:

Ready Steady Sumo – Blogger Contest – Shortlist

Textures of Sumo Citrus Mandarin

Featuring a soft and crumbly mandarin shortbread, a fluffy but decadent PX mandarin mousse, a bitter mandarin jelly and an almond and zest praline, this fancy dessert ranges from cream to crunch

Individual Sumo Citrus Mandarin Cheesecake

These smooth and creamy individual desserts are sure to satisfy any cheesecake lovers' cravings! The addition of Sumo Citrus Mandarins takes this classic recipe to new levels

Sumo Citrus Mandarin Panna Cotta

This Sumo Citrus Panna Cotta recipe is full of wintery flavours like cinnamon and mandarin, and perfect for dinner parties as you can prep it all in advance

Mini Sumo Citrus Cream Cones

Impress your guests at your next dinner party with these super easy and super yummy Mini Sumo Citrus Cream Cones. Not too sweet, super light and filled with the best four flavour combinations. Citrus, cream, chocolate and crunch!

Sumo Citrus Spiced Rice Pudding

Creamy, nutty and fragrant rice pudding that is mildly sweet, citrusy and every bit delicious. It's a rich and decadent, easy to make, dairyfree and refined-sugar free.


Ready Steady Sumo – Public Contest – Shortlist

Sumo Citrus Mandarin and Whiskey Syrup, Yoghurt Teacake

Delicious yoghurt teacake, drizzled with sumo citrus mandarin & whisky syrup, topped with poached sumo citrus mandarin slices and segments, candied peel and toffee shards, delicious for afternoon tea.

Fudgy Chocolate Sumo Citrus Mandarin and Coconut Health Balls

Super healthy, quick and easy to make - these fudgy chocolate Sumo Citrus mandarin and coconut protein health balls make the perfect on-the-go snack.

Sumo Citrus Mandarin Meringues

Sumo Citrus Mandarin Meringues are really easy to make. Nevertheless their enormously citrusy taste really packs a punch - try them today!

Sumo Citrus Pretzels

Sumo Citrus Pretzels will take you less time to make than it does starting your engine and driving up to the shops and back. No need for a mixer, waiting for dough to rise or fancy ingredients - try them now!

Coconut and ginger tarts with Sumo Citrus Mandarin curd

Delicious bite sized treats celebrating zesty Sumo Citrus mandarins with a delicious curd


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